AT&T UVerse Coupon Code and ATT Promotional Code 2013

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  1. Order U-verse TV  $19/mo for 12 month with term when ordered with Internet
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  3. Order U-family TV and Internet Elite for $49/month for 12 months and get an HD-ready DVR.
  4. Order U-family TV, Internet Elite and Voice 250 for $79/month for 24 months. 
  5. Existing AT&T Wireless customers can add U-verse TV and Internet service for only $44/month.
  6. Bundle DSL with local phone service and pay as low as $14.95 a month for 12 months!
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AT&T U-Verse provides digital tv, internet and phone with all in one bundles designed to suit your needs. A leader in the telecommunications industry, AT&T has provides excellent service you can trust and competitive pricing you can afford.

AT&T U-Verse TV offers clear as a bell digital programming with the ability to record four shows at once with their DVR. You can also choose your four favorite channels and watch them all at once with the “My Multiview Feature”. At 160 channels and counting, AT&T U-Verse offers you more tv options than regular cable.

AT&T U-Verse Internet features High Speed, Max and Max Plus internet options. Pricing and choice is dependent of the connection you need. In addition to the super fast upload and download speeds, AT&T U-Verse offers over 20,000 hotspots you can connect with via the super Wi-Fi network.

AT&T U-Verse Voice offers super clear digital home telephone service. This includes 100% digital sound quality and unique web features. You get unlimited local calling, AT&T One Rate nationwide, a variety of phone services like call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID included.

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